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PhysioKraftwerk - Medizinisches Gerätetrainig und Gesundheitskurse  
PhysioKraftwerk - Medizinisches Gerätetrainig und Gesundheitskurse
Medizinisches Gerätetrainig und Gesundheitskurse
Christine Blass und Udo Cordel GbR
Pfarrer-Rudolf-Straße 29 | 55435 Gau-Algesheim
Telefon: 06725-1753 | Fax: 06725-963398

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Let it Flow! Germany      

Jenn Russell    thetravellingyogi  kommt nach Deutschland


Gau-Algesheim, Schloss Ardeck Festsaal    

The original ​vinyasa flow fusion comes to Germany for a very special workshops combining creative sequencing, beautiful asana with the healing touch of Thai yoga massage. Set to an incredible playlist of course :)

Jenn Russell - bekannt als The Travelling Yogi - kommt zum ersten Mal mit ihrem einzigartigen Yogastil nach Deutschland.

A beautiful, fluid practice where we flow through postures as we connect breath to movement,  exploring the body’s capabilities to find our own unique expression of each asana. Each class is themed and progressive, featuring creative sequencing and options for all levels. Jenn seamlessly weaves in yoga  philosophy, poetry, intuititve adjustments and mindfulness meditation, delivering her classes with humour and light heartedness, always to an incredible playlist! 

Wer ist Jenn Russell?
Following a year teaching in her native Birmingham, Jenn began her international yoga career in Morocco leading surf yoga retreats and has since taught extensively in the UK, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Africa and Spain teaching for established studios and running her own sell-out retreats. Jenn continues to enjoy her career as an international yoga teacher and Thai yoga masseuse and currently splits her time between Ibiza, UK and South Goa,
She has since completed her advanced 500hr TTC in Vinyasa Flow with Brahmani yoga and is now an 'Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher' having taught over 3000 yoga classes.
2017 is set to be an incredible year with retreats in Goa, Ibiza, Germany and workshop tours in the UK. Check out theRetreats page to practice with Jenn on the beaches and cities of the world!  

Ihre Philosophie?
For Jenn, yoga is practice of awareness, self acceptance and gratitude, allowing the practitioner to approach life with a sense of joy and openness. She encourages her students to have fun exploring their infinite capabilities … after all, what your body is allowing you to do is truly amazing.

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